Invest in a Better Future with Shams Ar Ryiadh

The best investment opportunity in the north of Riyadh

The project consisted of commercial and residential spaces served by the finest facilities for a modern lifestyle. The project extends over an area of ​​more than 5 million square meters.

The "Shams Ar Riyadh" project is also a model of a smart residential neighborhood with a multi-service digital infrastructure, which will enable residents to use audio, visual and information multimedia applications and link building and property management systems through a single network to obtain many services at high speed through the Internet, unified communications, wireless solutions and security systems Networks and buildings such as: monitoring and security systems, heating, cooling, lighting and firefighting, which allows residents in the neighborhood to program devices and control cooling and lighting systems from a distance, to operate when needed or according to a specific time to raise the effectiveness of the efficiency of the devices used and rationalize energy consumption in buildings.


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King Khalid Road
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