Royal Greens: A Unique Style of Living

Royal Greens Villas offers a wide variety of luxury residential units, amidst an oasis of green spaces in the Al-Morouj neighborhood, where it is allocated the serenity of blue waters and golden sands, with the atmosphere of modern life, and the integration of facilities and services.

An ideal location to enjoy the stunning views, a panoramic view of the Royal Greens Golf Course with its green spaces and golden sands, unparalleled fun, attractive to those looking for a unique style of modern life King Abdullah Economic.

Royal Greens Villas is one of the residential solutions provided by the residential rooms offered by the opportunity in King Abdullah Economic

Royal Greens villas are designed by a group of experts in planning and development through a wide variety of options according to the highest international standards, that meet all the requirements of the search for the ideal life standards. Facade, Facade, Facade, Show, Facade, Replace, Facade, Showcase, Facade, Clad, Balconies, Balconies, Facade, Facade, Show, Facade, Facade, Dazzling Panoramic Views on the greens of a tired stadium.

Its areas start from 360 m to 812 m.


Restaurants & cafes
Jogging and Cycling track
Common Garden
Outdoor Garden
Covered Garage
Game Room

Project Details

King Abdullah Economic City
  Property Type
Property type

Royal Greens Villas offers the most beautiful unique designs and elegant architectural style in harmony with the exceptional location in a charming view of the golden sands and clear waters and the best facilities integrated with services, which makes it the most appropriate place to enjoy the game of golf.

The Haramain Express train represents the connection and departure point from the heart of the economic city to Jeddah and the Haramain train station at King Abdulaziz Airport in a period of time approximately twenty minutes, and less than an hour separated from Makkah and Madinah, to become close to the greatest cities and sanctities while you are in the heart of King Abdullah City trendy.

King Abdullah Economic City is an emerging destination and the perfect choice for families and those looking for safe investment opportunities in a healthy and inspiring atmosphere for work and creativity. It extends over an area of ​​181 square kilometers along the Red Sea coast, and is the hub of logistics and industry across King Abdullah Port and the Industrial Valley.


  • golf club
  • Outdoor seating overlooking the sea
  • Petrol station
  • Mosques and mosques
  • wide streets
  • supermarkets
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • public services
  • Playgrounds and public parks