The Real Estate Future Forum in Riyadh discusses real estate legislative systems


The Real Estate Future Forum witnesses an intense discussion of real estate legislative systems and their implementing regulations in Riyadh, from 23 to 25 January 2023, under the auspices of Majid bin Abdullah Al-Hogail, Minister of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing. In partnership with experts and specialists in governmental and private real estate affairs and investors inside and outside the Kingdom, the forum seeks to preserve the rights of real estate dealers in its second edition and enhance the contribution to the GDP.

One of the most prominent themes the forum discusses is the urban development and future smart cities that carry a civilized dimension and promote sustainable development in the real estate system, in addition to the theme of infrastructure and its impact on the Kingdom’s position as an attractive destination for investment and tourism. Participants in the forum further seek to enable development and investment in real estate platforms in support of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, not to mention enabling real estate evaluation, local and global practices, auctions, real estate contributions, localization and real estate challenges.

The forum will also discuss several topics revolving around the private sector’s enabling and supportive role in the real estate sector and the role of financial institutions in supporting the real estate and housing sector, raising the quality of life and improving services.

Accordingly, the hosting of the Real Estate Future Forum comes with the aim of contributing to increasing the quality of real estate sector performance, its establishments, the quality of tools it uses and the services it provides in Saudi Arabia. The forum also aims to provide more job opportunities for Saudi men and women in various fields of the sector. Furthermore, the forum will discuss strategic axes that include various aspects of the real estate sector in the Kingdom and their compatibility with the real estate system regionally and globally, since the real estate sector is the second most important sector in Saudi Arabia and is linked to more than 100 different industries.

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