Mada Properties Shines with Five Stars at the International Property Award Night - A Step Towards Global Recognition

Dubai, October 20, 2023 – Last night, the International Property Award Foundation held its closing ceremony at the Habtoor Grand Resort in Dubai to announce the winners from the finalists in its sector-specific business awards. The International Property Award is one of the prestigious global awards in the field of real estate and investments, where a company's association with this award bestows a prestigious status upon it, elevating it to international prominence. The award recognizes companies specializing in various types of real estate, residential and commercial, from around the world, honoring the top-performing companies in various real estate disciplines based on their activities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, the Arab world, Africa, Asia, the Pacific, as well as South and Central Africa. This award is judged by a panel of over 100 judges from various fields and expertise, each of whom reviews the applications in their respective areas of specialization. They then conduct a final evaluation, combining the results of these individual assessments to determine the finalists. Following this, the Glittering Awards dinner is held, where the qualifying companies are invited to announce the winners for each region of the world, granting them the right to use the International Property Award logo for their branding.

With the recent developments in Saudi Arabia in line with the Vision 2030 initiative launched by Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, this year's award ceremony marked a significant milestone in the Saudi real estate industry. Mada Properties, a Saudi company, was awarded the Best Performance in the Arab Region, leaving a lasting mark on the overall economic prosperity of Saudi Arabia and the revolutionary changes in the real estate sector. The honor of receiving this award was bestowed upon Haya Al-Namari, Business Development Manager at Mada Properties, Rajaa Al-Zahrani, Sales Management Department Manager, and Abdullah Jumaa, Sales Manager.

Upon receiving the award, Al-Namari expressed their pride in achieving this regional accomplishment and stated, "While this award is a recognition of the accumulative achievements of Mada Properties in recent years, our aspirations go far beyond that, and we continue to take steady steps towards our global development plan.



Mada Properties now has the opportunity to showcase the five stars awarded to them by the International Property Award alongside their logo in their portfolio, strengthening their path toward the goal of international recognition in the Saudi real estate market.